CAPP-PREP provides comprehensive, age appropriate, evidence-based, and medically accurate sexuality education to promote healthy sexual behaviors including abstinence, delay the onset of sexual activity and reduce the practice of risky sexual behaviors among youth.  

The program aims to ensure access to community services for teens to prevent pregnancies, STDs, and HIV/AIDS. Through CAPP-PREP CCM aims to expand educational, social, recreational, vocational and economic opportunites for teens, including pregnant and parenting, high risk and disconnected youth, to provide alternatives to sexual activity and to develop skills that can support a successful transition into a healthy young adulthood.  

On a community level, the program works to advance a comprehensive and sustainable local community effort to improve the community environment for adolescents, reduce initial and subsequent adolescent pregnancies, STD's and HIV/AIDS rates and reduce health disparities related to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and geography.

To learn more about CAPP-PREPP please contact us at 1047 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11216 or call (718) 622-6700.