Full-Time Accounting Manager with C.C.M.S.

Job responsibilities:

1. Prepare financial statements, annual budgets, and functional expense reporting for annual audit.

2. Develop financial control policies, guidelines, and procedures for activities such as budget administration, cash and credit management, and accounting according to the company’s procedural requirements.

3. Analyze financial details of the past and the present, and expected operations to identify development opportunities and areas where improvement is needed

4. Monitor financial activities and details, such as cash flow and reserve levels, to ensure legal and regulatory compliance.

5. Conduct or coordinate audits of individual program accounts to ensure compliance with state and federal requirements and statues.

6. Ensure financial compliance for Low-Income Housing Tax Credit projects.

7. Examine, analyze, and interpret accounting records to prepare financial statements

8. Analyze financial information and prepare financial reports to determine or maintain a record of assets, liabilities, profit and loss, tax liability, or other financial activities of the company.

9. Prepare, examine, or analyze accounting records, financial statements, or other financial reports to assess accuracy, completeness, and conformance to reporting and procedural standards.


C.C.M.S. is committed to employing the Full-Time Accounting Manager for at least 365 days.

Annual Salary:


Job Location:

Downtown Brooklyn, New York


  1. The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting plus three months of accounting or tax experience.
  2. The candidate must have passed the four sections of the Certified Public Accountant Board Examination of any state.


Send resume and cover letter to Emory X. Brooks at EBROOKS@CCMNYC.ORG. Application without a cover letter will NOT be reviewed.