Therapeutic & Preventive Services for Children and Their Families

Minority Outreach Community Health Access (MOCHA)

In partnership with SUNY Downstate’s HEAT Program (, CCM’s federally funded SAMHSA Minority Outreach Community Health Access (MOCHA) Program is focused on supporting individuals who may lack the resources they need to be fully functioning and healthy members of society. Serving 278 unduplicated minority men and women annually who receive holistic, culturally and linguistically sensitive counseling services, CCM MOCHA strives to connect with as many individuals in need that can benefit from case management services such as assistance with referrals, benefits applications, health checks, outpatient treatment, and culturally sensitive individual, groups and family counseling. 

To learn more, or to connect with one of CCM's Case Managers, please contact us at 1 Hoyt Street, 7th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201 or call (718) 802-0666.

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