Therapeutic & Preventive Services for Children and Their Families
  • Two New Supportive Housing Facilities on the Horizon!

    CCM is pleased to announce the acquisition of two new sites for the future development of two additional supportive housing facilities. One of the two supportive housing facilities, Beverly's Place, has been named after the beloved wife of President and CEO, Emory X. Brooks. The name of the second housing facility is pending.

    With the success of Rico's Place and Georgia's Place, and CCM's most comprehensive supportive housing facility to date, Ruby's Place, we are poised to once again expand our reach and support to Brooklyn communities by adding two more supportive housing facilities, bringing CCM's total portfolio to five housing facilities across Brooklyn. 

    Similar to our current housing programs, both Beverly's Place, and the second housing facility, will be developed within the framework of CCM's mission to respond to the deep-seeded cycle of poverty and the issues facing children and families that arise from that.

    With an array of therapeutic, preventive, and wellness services located on-site, CCM's programs and services strive to delve into and dismantle the root causes of homelessness, child neglect and mistreatment, and alcohol and substance abuse. Our aim is to provide a web of support to create healthy, stable, and enriched lives for the children and families we serve; Beverly's Place, along with the second housing facility, are two more steps towards that goal.

    Please check back at a later date to hear more updates! 

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