Our History and What We Do 

Community Counseling and Mediation (CCM) is a leading Brooklyn-based behavioral health organization committed to addressing the root causes and problems associated with mental illness and substance and alcohol abuse.

Our focus is to create a network of support to promote healthy, stable, and enriched lives and communities.  Since 1982, CCM has provided a broad spectrum of social services to over 25,000 individuals and families annually who reside in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan.  For more than three decades, the organization has operated more than 75 programs and has grown in direct response to the particular needs of Brooklyn communities and throughout New York City with a budget of nearly $12 million and a staff of over 240 employees.

Our commitment to offering effective, culturally competent services is evident in the varying cultural backgrounds of staff in our multiple programs.  Many staff members reside in the same neighborhoods as the clients served by our programs.  Our staff's wide-ranging backgrounds, training, and work experience enable them to anticipate and address language, cultural or other personal issues which might otherwise present barriers to accessing services. 

Mental Health Services

CCM operates 5 outpatient Article 31 licensed mental health and substance abuse clinics, staffed by 150 licensed clinicians, including psychiatrists, psychologists, and licensed clinical social workers. Our clinical services include individual, group and family counseling, psychological, psychiatric and psychosocial assessments and diagnosis, psychopharmacology, and HIV/AID services.

Supportive Housing 

We currently own and operate 3, comprehensive supportive housing facilities that provide mental health services and psychiatric evaluations, alongside therapeutic, preventive, and wellness on-site services.

Ruby's Place, which opened this year, is located in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn and contains 72 units, and Georgia's Place, which opened in 1986 and has won several awards and international recognition, contains 48 units, serve homeless, mentally ill, single adults.

Rico's Place is a 14-unit program for homeless families who have at least one household member living with AIDS.

Beverly's Place, and the second newest housing development (name to be determined) are two state-of-the-art supportive housing units that are in the planning stages.

Youth and Education

At CCM we understand that prevention is just as important as treatment, which is why both our youth programs and preventive programs empower youth, adolescents and young adults to make smart life-choices in order to lead healthier, productive lives. With over 8 after-school youth programs, 2 of which are centered around mental health, CCM works diligently to positively impact the lives of at-risk youth and adolescents devastated by family members' declining mental health and/or substance and alcohol abuse issues.